Project Description

JavaScript Linq is open source javascript library. It has all functions of C#.net Linq. This library has greate performance then avaliable other libraries. It also support TypeScript with full intellisence using overides and TypeScript Genetics


  • Implement all C#.Net Linq methods
  • Full IntelliSense support for Visual Studio
  • No conflects with other library
  • Full support with other library like jQuery, Knockout, Angular ...
  • Very small size minified version size is 8KB
  • NuGet install support PM > Install-Package JavaScriptLinq
  • It also support TypeScript Linq
  • NuGet install support for TypeScript PM > Install-Package JavaScriptLinq
  • Compatible with TypeScript Generics
  • Full documentation support

High compatibility with C# Linq

See our examples here


Its pure JavaScript library, has no dependency.

Tags: JavaScript, Linq, TypeScript



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